active application

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If any packet with the active application executes beyond the predicted time in other nodes, the packet is identified as the malicious packet and it is killed.
Peter " The Dalton ward councillor said there were eight active applications for Provisional Open Land (POL) sites in the KirKlees planing process.
True multitasking - Up to 8 active applications can run at a time
Google's Android Market now hosts more than 400,000 active applications from about 100,000 publishers, with the majority of apps available for free, according to an independent study.
Kaspersky Labs recommends that users close all active applications before launching CLRAV.
In December 1986, two independent research groups ushered antibodies into a new arena of more active applications, including out-of-body chemical tasks.
Loans that do not close could still be active applications, or applications withdrawn by consumers or denied for incompleteness or nonqualification.
ICANN currently has some 1814 active applications under review for new TLDs.
Loans that do not close could still be active applications, withdrawn by consumer, or denied for incompleteness or non-qualification.
Besides Cheniere's Sabine Pass terminal, which could come online as early as 2015, at least eight active applications, or proposed sites for LNG export terminals, are being reviewed by U.
Turbo Mode enables employees to shut down more than 70 background processes that slow down their Windows systems, and focuses all processor and memory power on active applications and programs--with a single click.
Cloud Suite 7 allows users to interact with up to six active applications in one workspace and control the arrangement.