active attention

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In addition, we show that sepsis readmissions have a significant impact on healthcare expenditures relative to other high-risk conditions that are receiving active attention and interventions.
When you pay active attention, you build self-awareness, which is the heart of leadership.
Assume rather, that without active attention, reminders and reinforcement, our existing controls and systems will eventually wane.
This loss of active attention and engagement while reading "parallels a larger retreat from participation in civic and cultural life.
The policymakers may call them disengaged or even "disaffected" (a term I loathe), and there may be a few who demand very immediate and active attention, but the majority are endeavouring to make the best they can of things.
The announcement added, "This event was a clear demonstration of the active attention of the two states to the issue of bringing the bilateral cooperation in this important field to a higher level.
He said the government is paying active attention to treatment of dengue patients and precautionary measures to control dengue.
Cost-per-engagement model and two new ad units deliver the Active Attention of target audiences to drive engagement and brand lift; Joe Gallagher, former EVP of BBE, leads newly formed division
AHPA will maintain active attention on its ongoing implementation.
It comes from a position of "cultural humility," but it represents active attention and ongoing mindfulness.
Senate and House leaders on the committee told the governor they see the measure as vital to the state's attempt to maintain a leadership role in stem cell research and biotechnology, and that they believe it is getting active attention.
The overall effect is that you are rewarding calm behaviour, and your dog should decrease active attention seeking behaviour.