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The decision was the culmination of Jordan's efforts over the past years, 2015 in particular, and a continuation to the Crown Prince's efforts to highlight the role of youth and the importance of their participation, as an essential and active element in peace-building and conflicts resolving.
He said the project is very important for the trade integration between countries, "and here it is deemed an active element in developing Egypt".
Therefore they are widely used for gamma-ray and X-ray detectors, refractive materials, active element of solar cells, and similar application.
The Symposium will be held within the efforts of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa to support Bahraini women in all fields so as to be a partner and an active element in building and promoting the State, through ensuring the women's stability and equal competitive opportunities as well as options diversity available within supportive legislation and State policies.
Kobler acknowledged that the United Nations did not fully succeed be an active element in the convergence of views among politicians, noting that he had hoped to hold a national conference brings together all the political blocs during his presence in Iraq before a decision to transfer him from this country.
The conference also stressed the need to promulgate necessary Arab legislations that support the strategies for building intellectual capital as an active element in the implementation of the development plans and programmes in the Arab countries.
Bensalah stressed the need to be an active element of economic regionalization, boosting competitiveness, improving taxation and forming human capital.
The CRT comprises only two parts--the active element and the backing block.
He said: "It's evident from the analysis experts that THC, the active element in cannabis, was present in his bloodstream at the time of the crash.
He said: ``It is unacceptable to discharge considerable amounts of the long-life radio active element Technisium-99 into the sea.
Without general elections, without unrestricted freedom of press and assembly, without a free struggle of opinion, life dies out in every public institution, becomes a mere semblance of life, in which only the bureaucracy remains as the active element.
The study finds that the upper class, rather than providing the mainstay of a sustained civil society in the conventional sense, was, in the opening decades of the century, an active element of a public sphere that emerged at moments of great crisis It also concludes that there was a growing process of social, cultural and spatial differentiation between the upper class and other classes during the period under investigation.