active thought

See: care, diligence
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The new phases of things leave my mind in a state of wonder which allows no room for active thought.
Her friend had furnished her with a catalogue of his perfections in gross, which her active thoughts were busily arranging into form and substance.
First-Time 401(k) Participants: A broad index fund provides low volatility and instant diversification without much active thought or monitoring -- just the right amount of work for a new participant managing all of the financial decisions that come with a new job.
CR2 has always been an active thought partner, continuously presenting revenue generating products and services to the bank.
Moreover, the PTSD group had lower activity in the precuneus, a structure tucked between the brain's two hemispheres that helps integrate information from the past and future, especially when the mind is wandering or disengaged from active thought.
For the transmission of Catholic life values, a genuine parish community should be relevant seven days a week, have a richness of life and activity that is sensitive to and satisfies many needs, has an active thought life, provides opportunities to air opinions, and nurtures and supports personal growth and encourages individual talents for the benefit of the community.
Behavioral loyalty is where a consumer will repeatedly purchase a product or use a service without any conscious or active thought.
An active thought leader in RIM industry trade associations, Nathan currently serves as the Vice President of the Board of Directors of PRISM International and is on track to ascend to the role of President of the Board of Directors of PRISM International
It does so by engaging in the active thought that God is a pure activity.
All active thought runs unavoidably into contradiction, and original thought is generated by the tragic and heroic struggle to reconcile conflict, says Moses (history, Pennsylvania State U.
For example, if I was left to wander around on a field, then naturally I would start drifting into that 10 position, so there is some active thought needed on my part just to make sure that I take into account what I am supposed to be doing.
It is impossible to represent or make believe without applying active thought.

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