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We ensure that plans affecting our sector and the environment in which professionals work are shared with our members and that we actively represent their interests.
The GBV AoR Coordinator works in tandem with his or her counterparts at UNICEF to galvanize inter-agency expertise to advocate for the mainstreaming of GBV issues throughout the cluster system and actively represent the GBV AoR working group in key cluster forums.
It is time to pass the torch to another person who can actively represent all of you.
The Philippine Church has not shied from politics in recent times, and our bishops must actively represent us in what can be the modern Catholic Church's turning point.
Governments have largely stripped local councillors of their powers to actively represent local residents in planning decisions.
With the rapid growth of audience throughout public broadcasting and the expansion of media platforms we serve, this new organization will provide greater resources to fully, actively represent our shared assets," he said via a written statement.
Come on Mr Dixon, let the ROA actively represent the most important section of the industry.
The BCCI was not mentioned in the Commissioner's closing statement; the concern expressed was that the Middle Eastern shareholders would actively represent their own business interests in the management of CCAH, not that they were acting as nominees or borrowing to support their purchases.
According to research by Fifthmoon, an on-line community for the over 50s who actively represent and promote their interests.
Caryn now becomes the 8th talent agency to actively represent Bo Barker Voiceovers at the present time in particular U.