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WARP is giving this award to those deserving members whose dedication to his or her craft and activeness to the group goes beyond extra miles, A[yen] Olivar said.
There's the massive commercial impact of what we do and second, there's the activeness of the partner which is important for the club and the fans.
As a form of fan involvement, activeness in sports refers to a person's degree of personal involvement in sports activities, beyond the role of spectator (Hawes & Lumpkin, 1984).
Our research will expand on this by examining the color's influence on ratings of dominance, positivity, and activeness.
After we achieved financial stability, this was the best moment to accelerate economic activeness.
8220;I am excited for the opportunity we had to aid in Surfrider's mission and increase its activeness in the local community.
Self-reported duration and activeness of coital acts were significantly different for uses of the male condom, compared to uses of the female condom.
Given the large number of private non-profit organizations, for selection to our sample we chose the criterion of activeness of a non-profit organization.
35) Wood feels freer to generalize, seeing Nola as a representation of "female activeness (masculinity)" (36) with the depiction of her at the film's climax being "remarkable for its literal enactment .
Hairless skin is being promoted as a feature of youth and atti activeness for both men and women, especially among baby boomers who are staying in the shaving product market longer now.
Zhang, Chief Executive Officer of Kingsoft, concluded, "For the latest two quarters, our matured business including online games, anti-virusand WPS have achieved outstanding performance with enhanced user activeness, launch of new versions and upgrades in user interface designs.