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According to Humez, this incident in part signaled Tubman's post-war activism.
In addition Business Roundtable believes increased shareholder activism has heightened the need for companies to communicate effectively with shareholders.
For example, stock screening requires avoiding of divesting yourself of companies you don't like, while shareholder activism demands investing in public corporations whose actions you're trying to change.
Joyce Evans, who four months ago spearheaded the Santa Clarita Dean Meetups, attributes her activism to Dean.
Backing up his words about political activism, Falwell began his remarks in Winston-Salem by endorsing Nathan Tabor, a Republican who hopes to be elected to an open seat in North Carolina's 5th district.
Anti-war activism seems more a matter of nostalgia than substance.
Prior to victories won through AIDS activism, this community was simply made up of political constituents and commercial consumers.
While many of us debate how to write an inclusive and embodied theology that respects difference and engages a postmodern critique of universalism that both acknowledges our status as victims and accounts for our sinful limitations, Rosemary has unassumingly created, not only a body of work, but a model of scholarly activism that we would do well to emulate.
By comparison, other articles offer sociological analyses of womens political activism and draw links with recent political upheavals, economic development crisis and repressive politics of state apparatus.
The benefits of shareholder activism can in the first instance be measured in the increase in stock price.
A considerable amount of literature has been devoted to the study of activism amongst Islamist groups.
In agriculture circles, however, activism has become a "dirty" word -- a word that many fear will impact the future of agriculture and rural life.