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Such activists specialize in the public forum and target management or board members directly, or use populist issues like executive pay to draw in other shareholders for support.
But the Trian-DuPont outcome is unlikely to stop activists from targeting more companies next year, however, with assets under management for funds with a dedicated focus on activism increasing to $160 billion in 2015.
A Mayor Anderson says the Love Activists are misdirecting their anger and that Liverpool's Labour council is implementing funding cuts imposed on it by David Cameron's Conservative government.
Although they were not detained in police custody, ten lawyers and activists were accused of attacking the police station, assaulting its personnel and threatening public order and terrorising people.
More than 50 people had congregated near the mosque when word spread that the Peta activists would promote their message there.
The activists reached the railway gates on Gujranwala road and blocked the roads by burning tyres and raising slogans against the government.
The ship and protesters have been taken to the port of Murmansk, and Russian authorities said they were investigating charges of piracy, which carry a jail term of 10 to 15 years, against the activists.
In the other five GCC states the statement said female activists were arrested, mistreated or unfairly sentenced to heavy jail terms for participating in peaceful protests.
Tens of activists arrived in Yatta during the early hours of the morning to put up the tent village they named Cann on land surrounded by the illegal settlements of Sussia and Karmiel
Video published by activists showed rows of bloodied corpses wrapped in blankets.
The activists crossed the Jordanian borders but the officials at the Israeli crossing denied them entry, and informed the Jordanian side of the refusal to receive the activists, said Haneen Sahweel, a Jordanian activist.