actual reality

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To you it may seem that my conviction was the re-sult of an overwrought imagination, or to the actual reality of the prying eyes of the little monkeys or the curious ones of the birds; but there is a difference which I cannot explain between the sensation of casual observation and studied espionage.
His gloriously red and white eyeballed, myopic, blatantly Boro biased, only one team on the pitch, commentaries, transport the listener to a football wonderland, far removed from actual reality.
In this case, the reality becomes similar to its perception about reality, not because it actually is, but because the reality it sees is exactly a virtual or fake reality that emerged within the mind of that opposition and its imagination, and was projected onto the actual reality, obscuring all its features and drawing features of a false reality.
It goes beyond virtual reality to actual reality, as you reach out and touch the wall, feel drops in temperature and smell ghastly odors.
Traditionally the domain of gamers, Virtual Reality is quickly becoming an actual reality for all, with accessible heads-up displays such as Samsung GearVR and Google Cardboard making VR hardware affordable and usable smartphone peripherals.
On the basis of these proposals you may be forgiven for thinking we live in a strike-riven society but the actual reality is that industrial action is currently at a historic low.
The committee called on SPA to adopt a training program for its employees to guarantee and achieve the amelioration of media work in form and substance, highlight, in its future reports, the actual reality of its achievements and performance to ensure that it has secured its objectives as well as the level of development and excellence, and pay attention to conducting relevant studies and research that contribute to the betterment of SPA's performance in achieving the tasks set for it.
LET'S take an actual reality check of David Cameron's fairer society.
In a statement on Friday, the Ministry said the Americans and their proponents insist that changing the name in the sanctions list from "Al Qaeda in Iraq" to ISIS "doesn't reflect the actual reality of things" and that ISIS is included in the list under the aforementioned name.
The free flow of skilled workers is more lip-service than actual reality as individual economies have yet to align and coordinate their domestic rules and regulations to the regional initiative," he added.
This contest will make your dream bathroom an actual reality.
Ambassador Jilani in an interview stated that the actual reality is that during US Secretary of State John Kerry's visit to Pakistan, Kerry welcomed and lauded Pakistan's progress on the war on terrorism.