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The optimization of these methods consists in maximizing actualized net value, maximizing internal profitability rate, minimizing actualized total expenses, minimizing yearly expenses, and obtain maximum in safety of consumers' supplying.
Sometimes, when it is not known whether the alternatives can be actualized, it is better to try, if possible, to implement a few of them simultaneously (e.
In this case, however, the perceptual function actualized by A1 (i.
One strategy is to distance nous poietikos (which is identified with fully actualized, occurrent knowledge/knowing) from the individual knowing subject in such a way that, while it is a knowing intellect (nous poietikos) that is the cause of the occurrent knowing of the human knower, the human knower is not already somehow in possession of the knowledge the acquisition of which Aristotle sets out to explain.
Walking the line between the responsibilities of nationhood and a sense of one's self as an actualized, affirmed individual can often be a traumatic experience.
Moreover, her analysis of the wax anatomical models, used for medical and art teaching as well as in public exhibitions, pays no attention to obvious matters of weight, height, and physiognomy as a way of understanding cultural and scientific modelling of idealized and actualized women.
It uses actualized volumes, transportation rates and fuel to calculate the netback price at each location.
The thirty year old idea for construction of a new clinical center is once again actualized since the criminal responsibility of the public health directors began being investigated, since suspicions for criminal procurement of expensive medicaments got raised and after the death of pregnant women and babies remained unsolved, comments Natasa Boskovska from Nova Makedonija.
A major contribution towards actualizing Sterling's business model was actualized in the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce's announcement that Sterling will be re-creating and hosting their website.
That is, where the gestures are manifest energy, the canvas space becomes latent energy--the zone of repression and potentiality rather than actualized expression.
The Exent and Juniper Networks content delivery platform enables BSPs to offer superior service for a wide library of games, especially large, rich media game titles, actualized in real-time.
Data Management Technology has actualized the data warehouse concepts championed by database theorists over the past several years.