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In effect, all of these strategies would actualize the community's investment in FGC and help actualize participatory democracy.
Myers's dual protagonists in Somewhere in the Darkness actualize the meditations on the dilemmas of black manhood.
Using Myers's novels as a mode of communication with children, we can begin to engage them in a dialogue that reassures regarding their self-worth, their power to create both real and imagined realities, and their ability to actualize the struggles they depict as the characters embark upon journeys toward maturity.
The derived relation thus emerges when, on the basis of previous learning in similar contexts, the name actualizes perceptual and other responses to the object (i.
More informally, the already confused subject is further confused by the fact that, at first glance, neither comparison stimulus actualizes a perceptual function that matches the sample, and thus the relational frame of coordination is not brought to bear on A1-C1.
When the subject looks at B1 as sample on the equivalence test, this immediately actualizes a perceptual and selection response for A1.
During training, A1 acquires (to some extent) the capacity to actualize perceptual responses (e.
DSS Broadcaster, which is based on MicroStrategy's powerful ROLAP engine, actualizes that vision with a combination of scalability and analytical capacity.
ADDRESSRIGHT(TM) Printer family, the W650 actualizes Pitney