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Early in testing, C1 does not possess the relational and actualizing functions of A1 (i.
Or, after actualizing room nights, groups have the choice to save up to $3,000 toward their meeting master account*.
In Italy, Northern Petroleum said its efforts are mainly aimed towards actualizing the "high potential" of its position in the Southern Adriatic.
3) (Epistemic nonnaturalism thesis) The actualizing cause cannot be external (exothen) to the intellect.
In-depth exploration of the promising alternatives (including an examination of the possibility of actualizing them), to locate a few suitable alternatives
With the growing demand for safer and improved healthcare, the healthcare industry in Australia is increasingly realizing the benefits of IT in actualizing better and more efficient patient care.
Through a competitive fellowship program, StartingBloc recruits, trains, places, and supports outstanding and diverse college students and young professionals who are committed to actualizing sustainable business practices.
Founded by Kelly Smith, Being Jane provides access to advice, mentoring, support and a compendium of women-related information that leverage the experiences of women who have achieved non-traditionally female goals by actualizing their authentic beliefs and desires.
Alexander, Isonics' president and CEO, said: "As we stated in our announcement regarding our strategic initiatives, we are committed to actualizing the value of this neutron-based detection technology to our shareholders in fiscal 2005.
In fiscal 2005 we are committed to actualizing the value of this technology to our shareholders.
Today's economy is driving companies to 'work smart' with fewer employees, and as a consequence, work toward fully actualizing the capabilities of all employees," said Craig Sawin, chairman and CEO, Novations Group, Inc.
We believe that there is significant revenue growth potential for our outsourced services group, and we are focusing on actualizing that potential.