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Central leaf spathulate with an acute to acuminate tip, margins meeting at ca.
The highest ammonia concentration was recorded for Morus alba, while the lowest value was recorded for Kirkia acuminate.
Diagnosis: Laccocoris limicola can be distinguished from its two known congeners in Tanzania by the triangular or acuminate labrum nearly as long as wide and the produced, bluntly acute mesosternal tubercle.
To decipher the banana's genetic strengths and weaknesses, D'Hont and a large group of colleagues spent two years sequencing a variety of banana called Musa acuminate, which is a simpler relative of the Cavendish.
mahogoni, and the sample with the coldest image was the tangential section of Litsea acuminate.
Theobroma cacao L and Cola acuminate Schott and EndL (Family: Sterculiaceae)
A study of type-specific HPV prevalence in Czech women and men with anogenital diseases analysed 157 squamous cell carcinoma samples, 695 precancerous lesion samples and 64 cervical, vulvar and anal condylomata acuminate samples.
Leaves are in whorls of three, elliptic lanceolate or obovate, bright green above, pale green below, tip acute or acuminate, base slender and petioles long.
Herbal powders also include eucommia bark, kudzu root, Java leaf, gentian root and Massularia acuminate.
5-10 cm, inconspicuously lepidote, green toward the apex, strongly coriaceous; blades narrowly subtriangular-lanceolate, not narrowed at the base, 15-24 x 5-6 cm, green, inconspicously and sparsely white-lepidote mainly adaxially to glabrous, nerved, suberect with recurved apex, apex acuminate.
Visible lesions or warts, known as condylomata acuminate, may be seen.