ad infinitum

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The two people start to mishear each other; the dialogue repeats with each one taking the other's role, ad infinitum.
Namely, the male, the female, the old guard, the young turks, the hawks, the doves, the liberals, the conservations, the believers, the atheists, ad infinitum.
However, we have established that the two [entities] in a correlation should coincide in existence--if one of them exists in potentiality, the other should also exist in potentiality, and if one of them exists in actuality, the other should also exist in actuality--therefore, what remains is that the existence of time should coincide with the existence of the period in order for both to exist in actuality, [for otherwise] the existence of the period before the time would require a time in the past before it and this goes on ad infinitum.
Sure, we're a long way from when it was Henry Ford's black after black after black, ad infinitum, but fundamentally, assembly plants are sized with a number on the order of 250,000 units per year, with those units being pretty much the same.
That is, the male impregnating the female ad lib, ad infinitum and ad nauseum and producing offspring which can neither be afforded nor fed, but then expecting the richer countries to bail them out all the time.
A binary division of all created existence into the oppositions of spirit/flesh, dark/light, truth/untruth and so on ad infinitum, a view that eventually produced various gnosticisms and other dualistic phenomena, could easily lead to the conjugation of color, "race," and servile status adduced for "alien" blacks, and specifically for black Africans.
These circumstances will tend to be the case ad infinitum, unless of course, we want to change the situation.
Although this will certainly not continue ad infinitum, it is a good sign.
Likewise, there is abundant statistical detail on family income distribution, child care, parental employment, diet quality, exposure to second-hand smoke, and so on, ad infinitum.
Stories are reported ad infinitum without regard to how they affect armed forces personnel who are consistently doing their duty honorably.
While we might debate the meaning and derivation of rights ad infinitum, social workers are still faced daily with people in need requiring assistance.
Test sequences can be repeated ad infinitum to maximize accuracy and repeatability.