ad infinitum

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But you should know that the saying of Aristotle that the body is divisible ad infinitum did not mean that it is actually divisible [but only potentially so]; it means [instead] that every atom in it has a middle and two dimensions.
If the government decides to sell the Tote on the open market, it would have to identify exactly what it was selling, together with all current encumbrances attached, viz a viz an income to racing ad infinitum.
The "foregoing paragraphs" include their own inclusion - so all subordinate contractors and vendors are required to include them in their subcontracts and purchase orders, ad infinitum.
They believe that public schools are directly responsible for lower SAT scores, drug use, violence, crime rates, "declines in morality," and teenage pregnancy, ad infinitum.
The ability to seamlessly scale ad infinitum while providing true Quality of Service and security are foundation layers to reach the next level," said Steve Duplessie, an analyst with the Enterprise Storage Group in Milford, Mass.
THEATRE Ad Infinitum is at Ormskirk's Rose Theatre next week with its latest show The Big Smoke.
HOMER'S timeless Greek myth has been reinvented by Theatre Ad Infinitum and later this month it will come to Wales.
They will be able to watch repeats ad infinitum on BBC Wales digital.
London's Symphony Orchestra lend their handiwork to Cry Me A River, while De Phazz and Layo & Bushwacka contribute largely pointless remixes, but the songs you've heard ad infinitum are still the best reasons to buy this compilation.
In the next room, a cast boulder is precariously poised between four facing mirrors that reflect its image ad infinitum.
If we keep them there ad infinitum, we will get a verdict on all counts.
Phil Evans, director of finance at Centro from 1990 to1996, said: 'Centro produces plans and studies them ad infinitum.