ad interim

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Ad Interim

[Latin, In the meantime.] An officer ad interim is a person appointed to fill a position that is temporarily open, or to perform the functions of a particular position during the absence or temporary incapacity of the individual who regularly fulfills those duties.

ad interim

adverb at the same time, during, during the interval, en attendant, for a time, for the time being, in the course of, in the interim, in the intervening time, in the meantime, in the meanwhile, meantime, meanwhile, throughout, till, until, when, while
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AD INTERIM. In the mean time. An officer is sometimes appointed ad interim, when the principal officer is absent, or for some cause incapable of acting for the time.

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Rene) van de Kieft has accepted the role of ad interim CFO as per September 1st 2009, due to the departure of Wim van Esveld, CFO Q-Park NV, as of January 1st, 2010.
Bashir also issued on Saturday another presidential decree appointing Abdel Karim Musa Abel Karim as governor ad interim until the designation of a new Wali.
Akira KONO, Charge d'Affaires ad interim of Japan to Pakistan and the Presidents of the organizations in a joint ceremony.
11:00 Hezbollah official Ammar Moussawi receives UN Secretary General Representative ad interim, Robert Watkins.
Syria assigned Zouheir Jabbour as its new charge d'affaires ad interim in Washington, the U.
Separately on Tuesday afternoon, Yasuaki Tanizaki, director general of the ministry's European Affairs Bureau, summoned Mikhail Galuzin, charge d'affaires ad interim at the Russian Embassy in Japan, to the ministry to convey Japan's position.
The 'international community,' as you call it, has chosen such abstract expressions that even diplomats find difficult to understand, like calling for both or all parties to exercise self restraint,'' Mikhail Galuzin, charge d'affaires ad interim at the Russian Embassy in Japan, told Kyodo News.
The ad interim successor to Hans NA1/4tzi as Head of Investment Products & Wealth Management Services will be Stefan K.
He replaces Mario Vitale, CEO of Global Corporate, who had been serving in the role on an ad interim basis since January 1, 2009.
The Chemtech Division President Oliver Bailer will take over the responsibilities as Head of the Mass Transfer Technology business unit on an ad interim basis.