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At any rate Leonard's adamancy caused Landis to place little faith in his word.
No," my mother said with the adamancy of a ten year old.
Freddie's adamancy is significant, for it largely demonstrates the white man's need of forgiveness for contributing to the inhumane apartheid system.
In fact, he suspects that the adamancy of belief in creationism traces to the litmus test that many fundamentalist sects use for membership: literal acceptance of the biblical account in Genesis of God's week-long creation of the universe and everything in it some 6,000 to 10,000 years ago.
Informing consumers of course is valuable until such change occurs, and the adamancy of regulators suggests that it won't happen overnight.
Part of the reason for the hospital's adamancy was the refusal by Joshua and Noelle--a couple in their early 20s who don't have health insurance--to avail themselves of various welfare programs to subsidize the mounting costs of William's care.
His adamancy undoubtedly derived from that self-proclaimed "ignorance in theatrical art" (25 January 1917, MS Colgate).
Here, as Anita Runge points out, Alexander's adamancy in rejecting Iwanova and demanding the right to marry Maria is identified as excessive and as driving Iwanova to extremes (172; Runge 200-01).
Can China adapt to globalization effectively, particularly given the regime's adamancy to remain untouched politically?
Perhaps her adamancy was linked in part to Stoddard's own negotiations -- or lack thereof -- with publishers.
Arafat refused based on a lack of recognition in 242 of Palestinian rights to self-determination, and Begin's adamancy regarding the territories.