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Loftus, 45, of Rochdale Street, Wallsend, and Taylor, 42, of Greencroft Avenue, Daisy Hill, Newcastle, also didn't enter official pleas, although their solicitors, Kate Matthews and Peter Farrier, respectively indicated they too adamantly denied the charges.
But most of our surgeons weren't used to that material, they hadn't been trained in it, and they were adamantly against the proposal.
I have a monthly budget that I don't exceed," he says adamantly.
As I learned from watching her teach, she was adamantly opposed to forcing young bodies prematurely and a demon at squelching any signs of affectation, mannerism, or exaggeration.
And he adamantly maintains there are no plans to develop, produce, or test nuclear weapons.
Roy Goodman, head of the United Nations Development Corporation, which is charged with managing and executing UN construction projects, insisted that the development plan was not an expansion of UN space, but rather a consolidation and adamantly denied reports that the push to realize the project was secretive, as reported in the Post.
ECA officials adamantly assert the bureau's continuing commitment to supporting American participation in international biennials and to holding open competitions.
And Texas Governor Rick Perry adamantly claims, "The International Court of Justice does not have jurisdiction in Texas
And in the real world where voucher programs are conceived and enacted, their supporters are almost wholly and adamantly opposed to accountability to the public who would foot the bill.
Even when the discussion veers into accusations concerning the floater someone left in the toilet backstage, with the creationist adamantly disclaiming responsibility; no one has the temerity to suggest that All G cannot be for real.
A letter from Health Minister Hazel Blears and Environment Minister Elliot Morley, stated: ``Those who remain adamantly opposed would be able to use water filters that remove fluoride or buy bottled drinking water.