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At respective medium, no significant difference was found in RGR of adapted and unadapted calli lines.
After taking some adapted exercise classes, Dan Chicoine, whose left side is handicapped due to a stroke, has gone on to regular tennis and golf classes.
Adapted physical education (PE) can help children master the skills they will need for daily living, such as walking, running, stair climbing, transferring, and wheelchair mobility.
For trees adapted to the floodplain, water depth played a significant role in their fight for survival.
May adapted Joe Klein's best seller for the screen, not the easiest of assignments.
Various parts of an activity, from equipment to rules, can be adapted to improve a learning disabled camper's success.
The law governing specially adapted housing is intended to assist certain disabled veterans in acquiring an accessible home that meets their needs.
Kitchell studied various species of marine plankton, or diatoms, and found that those that had adapted to northern climates survived the mass extinction between the Cretaceous and Tertiary periods (65 million years ago), while plankton that had adapted to low- and mid-latitude sites did not.
Evolutionary theory predicts that when plants and animals colonize new territory, the specimens best adapted to the new conditions as a result of random genetic variation thrive, so their offspring eventually diverge in form from the parent population.