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By and large, entrepreneurs, lawyers and psychologists came close to the benchmarked/criterion score of 96 as set by the Western researchers, but failed to surpass it to a significant extent, suggesting that adaption at the workplace is a way of managing professional work rather than using high level of innovation.
The report calls for climate adaption and international development to be integrated, rather than seen as separate issues, an approach it says is "no longer viable".
The CNG adaption process in Delhi has been a success.
Adaption Technologies will showcase its Rialto(r) offering, a BSS/OSS software platform for the commercial business SIP-based VoIP market.
Stainless steel is now relatively cheaper than it was even a few years ago, and its applications in building are becoming manifold, as Heikkinen & Komonen show in this issue with their adaption of the stainless-steel mesh made for supermarket conveyor belts into a translucent veil for their community centre at Vuotalo (p40).
System3 Software includes GlobalsSight's Content Exchange Engine (CEE) and Contact Adaption Platform (CAP) The CEE uses automatic exchange of data between multiple apps, formats and character sets, to rapidly expand customers' global e-business infrastructure while allowing customers to view and edit dynamic content in real time.
Mattison is a filmmaker living in Harlem whose film "The Gilded Six Bits," an adaption of Zora Neale Hurston's story, is currently screening across the country.
The remedy of genital manipulation followed other broad patterns of technological adaption and implementation; physicians and midwives relied upon manual manipulation and water propelled stimulation, steam-powered devices, and finally electrically powered devices.
The actor, who is to play Sir Percy Blakeney in a new BBC TV adaption of The Scarlet Pimpernel, wants pounds 465,000 for the double-fronted Edwardian property.
She dwells with great detail and sympathy on such works as Edward Bond's Lear, Barrie Keefe's King of England and A Mad World My Masters (the former is a rewrite of King Lear involving a black subway driver who divides his assets before returning to Trinidad), Howard Barker's rewrites of King Lear and Women Beware Women, Derek Jarman's Edward II, and Peter Greenaway's film, The Cook, The Thief His Wife and Her Lover (continuously listed as a loose adaption of Ford's Tis Pity She's a Whore).
but the English county of Wessex in Far from the Madding Crowd, David Bintley's adaption of Thomas Hardy's novel for the Birmingham Royal Ballet (Birmingham Hippodrome, February 22-March 2, 1996).
The survival of many communities' medical care systems may depend on its successful adaption and use.