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In addition to adaptivity, other innovations in the COPI may affect the language performances elicited.
The concept is particularly useful in cases in which there are conflicting definitions of adaptivity and socialization goals within the family, between generations, or between parents and socializing agents.
For example, some elements of adaptivity that might be included in software, but are not classified as fully adaptive learning are:
However, it is a matter for further research to consider how to use the adaptivity to user type in metaphor layer to alter user behavior (e.
We would also like the users to take advantage of the adaptivity and quit when they are offered a chance to do so.
Primary issues are adaptivity, discretization, solver, and parallelization.
Our argument for the importance of adaptivity in an educational hypermedia environment is based in part on the claim of Elsom-Cook (1989) that the perfect tutoring system should be able to slide between the two extremes of total constraint and total absence of constraint, according to the user's needs and current state of knowledge.
Not surprisingly, the combination of dynamic complexity and the ability to adapt is referred to as complex adaptivity.
Towards Adaptivity and Agility--A Fractal View on Learning Environment, by Sylvain Giroux, Richard Hotte, and Kim Dao.
Adaptivity, The IT Blueprint Company, which provides an intelligent IT blueprinting software suite, announced today that Philip S.
We utilize structured, spacetree grids that offer dynamic adaptivity in space and time at low memory footprint.
A physical room that enables adaptivity, using real time insight to drive real time actions.