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Because domestication diverges from a standard model of evolution, he says, further experiments are necessary to add weight to Fondon and Garner's theory.
662-663, the next to last sentence should read as follows: "These results add weight to assertions that clinical microbiology laboratories need not routinely screen for vancomycin heteroresistance in S.
For the bigger guys, we can add weight to the platforms on the sleds.
These two studies add weight to previous findings suggesting that such vaccines are safe.
These findings add weight to the suggestion that a lack of BRCA1 protein may have important consequences in nonhereditary breast cancer.
The results add weight to reports linking the recent warming to greenhouse gas pollution.
Two reports now add weight to the suggestion that mutations affecting a protein that regulates the production of interferon, an immune-system messenger that also affects cell growth, may lead to leukemia in adults.
Now, epidemiologists add weight to that concern with a report that women over 55 who drink highly fluoridated water are more prone to fractures.