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Any individual who habitually uses any narcotic drug so as to endanger the public morals, health, safety, or welfare, or who is so drawn to the use of such narcotic drugs as to have lost the power of self-control with reference to his or her drug use.

Addiction to narcotics is not a crime in itself, but that does not excuse violation of related statutes. It may be an offense to be under the influence of an illegal drug in a public place, even though being an addict is not illegal. While such a statute is intended to protect society from the dangers of drug abuse and the antisocial conduct of drug abusers, it generally is not necessary for conviction to prove that the defendant was disturbing the peace when arrested.


Drugs and Narcotics.


noun adherent, ardent admirer, believer, creaaure of habit, devotee, disciple, enthusiast, fan, fanatic, fancier, follower, frequenter, partisan, practitioner, pursuer, votary, zealot
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On the other hand, parents of reformed drug addicts should accept them and not keep reminding them of their past, she said.
Colonel Eid Thani Hareb, Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department at Dubai Police, said this kind of humanitarian initiative help recovering addicts by alleviating financial pressure and providing them with nutritional needs on their way to recovery.
He added that the study showed that 45 to 79 per cent of the drug addicts have not completed secondary education while 10 per cent are college graduates and 13 per cent of addicts hold high-school certificates.
In the footage, most terrified scene is that an addict overlying on a car to force the driver to give money to him.
With autumn just around the corner the world of fashion and hobby craft will be eagerly anticipating the next big trends to inspire them, none more so than the online fabric and sewing retailer Plush Addict, who are seeing out the summer with a huge sale on all products until the end of August.
Yet at another addiction site of Suryab Link Road, clean-up operations were carried out on 9 July 2013 detaining 22 addicts & 6 Dec 2013 detaining 45 addicts.
The addicts are rich and poor, employed and unemployed, traumatised and resilient, educated and illiterate.
You can't write a book that is too 'heavy' and expect addicts to read it," Beth says.
Along the crackdown against those involved in the drug trafficking as well as the addicts, the FC's action would also remain continued against the criminals involved in the target killings, kidnapping for ransom and other crimes.
There is a specialised centre in Saudi Arabia, but most GCC countries lack a specialised centre for rehabilitating drug addicts.
An addict will seek to muffle out the stress in their life through having sex.
It is wrong that scarce NHS resourses are spent on addicts who remain addicted while overweight or smoking patients are denied help for life-threatening conditions.