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When I got into public accounting many years ago, you generally had a 10-key adding machine with rolls of paper that you carted around with you," said Larry Steinberg, CPA, CGMA, who submitted this item, "and if you needed to make quick calculations and didn't want to carry one of those around, you carried one of these little personal calculators.
The vote totals are all manually tabulated on an adding machine by two tally clerks.
February 5, 1914: Birth of American novelist William S Burroughs: Born in StLouis, Missouri, William Burroughs was the grandson of the founder of the Burroughs Adding Machine Company.
Commerce profited from the invention of the typewriter and the adding machine.
A remarkable melange of techniques and themes found in Elmer Rice's Adding Machine and Street Scene and Clifford Odets's Paradise Lost and Waiting for Lefty plus such science-fiction romances as Shangri-La, the play is also an analogous precursor of Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire, and especially Camino Real.
Human consciousness has three important properties: (1) it propels you into experience, (2) it interprets the experience once you get there, and (3) it is a running adding machine total of all of your experiences.
The products available initially include Host Services, Encryption, Deposit Calculations, Interest Rate Calculations, Investment Calculations, Loan Calculation, Trade Services and Adding Machine with components for Time/data Calculations, Event, Product, Sequence, Object/Data Broker, Bank Printing, Currency and Security available soon.
I once worked for someone who insisted that we use both sides of adding machine tapes when possible?
It has a desk with an adding machine, paper and pens, and other office supplies and equipment that residents can use.
Since he had taken college courses in calculus and advanced topology, the counselor, who gave praise in the "overloud voice the health-care industry reserves to its most degrading compliments," had him add up a bunch of numbers on an adding machine.
This could include adding machine calibration and maintenance schedules, process validation and optimization, q-c sampling plans, and modeling techniques for validating part or mold design.
By inserting a wooden drawer beneath an adding machine in 1921, J.