additional charge

See: surcharge
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After breakfasting in a small closet attached to the coffee- room, which bore the imposing title of the Snuggery, the temporary inmate of which, in consideration of a small additional charge, had the unspeakable advantage of overhearing all the conversation in the coffee-room aforesaid; and, after despatching Mr.
The sources said that additional charge of the Administrator to Mr.
LAHORE -- Additional Director General (HQ) Lahore Development Authority (LDA), Amina Munir has entrusted additional charge of various posts to three officers.
LAHORE -- Additional Director General (HQ) Lahore Development Authority, Amina Munir has entrusted additional charge to three officers and transferred another two.
The bikes in Liverpool cost PS3 to hire for a day, with an additional charge of PS1 per hour for any cycling time over two hours.
Veerappa Moily on Tuesday took additional charge of the Environment and Forests Ministry.
PM held additional charge of coal ministry JHARKHAND ISPAT PRIVATE LIMITED: Allocated North Dhadu in Jharkhand on January 13, 2006.
Many parks have restaurants, entertainment and pools, with a variety of dates at no additional charge.
Mr Vijai Vardhan, Financial Commissioner and Principal Secretary, Printing and Stationery and Archaeology and Museums Department has been given the additional charge of Financial Commissioner and Principal Secretary, Archives Department during the leave period of Mr R RFuliya.
An additional charge for this content was imposed by TurfTV, but, given the times of the races, the fact that they were on a Friday and Saturday night and that the best races were after closing time for the shops anyway, we felt that the additional charge by TurfTV was not warranted.
Subscribers can use the BlackBerry service and all its applications across these 120 countries without any additional charge.
If expedited service is requested for any of these changes, except an error by Passport Services, there will be an additional charge of $60 per application.

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