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Dreaper's son Tom, who made a flying visit to ride at the track, said after Doodle Addle scored: "That's my first winner here.
Serving as the maid of honor was Addle Dorsey of endersonville, Tennessee, sister of the bride.
Joe, Addle, Skeezie and Bobby are tired of being bullied.
Leaving a diner in Brooklyn, New York, where the owner cheated Addle, the pair end up in rural Wisconsin.
I wants to choose a good strong name for me and Addle.
Down: 1 Oriental, 2 Lid, 3 Addle, 4 Narrate, 5 Leek, 6 Nose, 7 Halt, 11 Mate, 12 Apse, 13 Teetotal, 15 Redress, 18 Laden, 19 Stir, 20 Ogle, 21 Bash, 24 Eta.
The action is relentless, and until the last hour of Meryl's life Addle struggles to save her sister, fulfilling the prophecy that the cure will be found when the timid find courage.
Doodle Addle came from well off the pace to win over two and a half miles at Navan last month.