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Specify the desired change that is being sought in attitude, opinion, perception, knowledge and/or behavior so addressees know how to follow through.
33) Correspondingly, Paul's address of a problem, and the greeting of specific individuals are not uncommon in his correspondence to churches, what sets the Letter to Philemon apart is the ordering of addressees.
Subscribers to the service are required to log in at the software's website, write the invitation and send the message to a list of addressees they create.
They may become addressees if the illocutionary act is directed at them or side-participants, if they are merely listening in.
The twelfth sonnet in Petrarch's Canzoniere influenced these two poems; each projects the poem's youthful addressee into an imagined future of faded beauty and regret.
The Web site lists several "reasons why, despite our best efforts, your telegram might not get through: Reincarnation could cause a problem; the addressee could already be back on earth.
Later, Erasmus destroys all constraints on the letter form, save that of being perfectly adapted to the circumstances and the addressee.
Of course, the existence of such narratives--typically in appeals for renewal of leases--does not tell us why they were persuasive to their addressees.
To honor both the genre and the addressees, he decided not to supplement these letters with other writings of Luther or to write a synthetic treatise on Luther and women.
Onset's ThruFax identifies inbound fax addressees, converts the faxes into editable, text-based e-mail messages, and routes the messages to addressees' e-mail clients.
While God has the power to perform such actions, the latter become completely effective only when their addressees acknowledge the claims they make on their lives.
The only addressees here are Charles and Elizabeth Peters.