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Adept 7 now imports and updates user names and group information from the Windows Active Directory, allowing users to maintain a single login for both Adept and Windows.
Adept Python Robots reflect Adept's continued commitment to providing exceptional performance without compromising Clean room operation," said John Dulchinos, president and COO of Adept Technology.
The Adept Viper s650CR Adept Viper s850CR robots are backed by a 2 year warranty and Adept's award winning 24/7 global service organization.
The Adept Quattro features over-the-belt mounting, a 1300 mm work envelope and 250 mm Z-stroke along with a wash down option for usage in sensitive manufacturing environments, which require frequent washing to prevent product contamination.
Initially distribution will focus on existing Adept markets in the European Union, United States, Canada and South East Asia.
0, material inspection, handling and assembly are made even more flexible, powerful and cost effective," said Gordon Deans, Vice-President Business Development and General Manager, Adept Technology Canada.
With SmartFeed technology, Adept has real part-handling solutions for real manufacturing problems.
The OEM partnership with Cool Clean Technologies expands the range of automated solutions based on Adept's award winning robotic controller platforms for manufacturers of disk drive, media, suspension and heads and further positions Adept as the leader in robotic automation in the growing market for disk drives in consumer electronics.
Steve's appointment is a prerequisite for maintaining continuous revenue and profit improvement," said Rob Bucher, chief executive officer for Adept Technology, Inc.
Charles Finnie of Crosslink commented, "We believe Adept Technology is the preeminent software and services company in a large and growing industry, intelligent robotics.
We are pleased that Herb has joined the Board of Adept.
The researchers call these unusual waves "accoustic directed-energy pulse trains," or ADEPTS.