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The new requirements observe the element of capital adequacy which are related to the level of risks the companies are exposed to as well as the consolidated financial statements of the companies to ensure better valuation of the levels of risks relating to the assets of subsidiaries and their financial obligations.
Representatives from America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association have written to say they like the NAIC draft and oppose efforts to apply the same high adequacy standards to all tiers.
There are two adequacy scenarios (scenario A and scenario B) analysed in the paper to describe the power system operation in long-term perspective and to evaluate possible risks of power supply [1].
Currently the threshold of capital adequacy ratio of domestic banks is set at 8%-10%, which will be gradually raised beginning next year up to 12.
The adequacy campaign, a national movement committed to litigating in state courts, conceives of itself as stepping into this breach.
risk-based capital adequacy regulations relating to the Framework, the Agencies are assessing possible changes to capital regulations for U.
The revision in the FSA inspection manual would oblige major banks to assess their loan assets more strictly, making it certain Resona Holdings will see its capital adequacy ratio fall further if it takes no action.
The cash flow adequacy ratio directly measures a company's ability to generate cash sufficient to pay its debts, reinvest in its operations and make distributions (dividends) to owners.
The Insurance and Pensions Authority has today issued a consultation paper and technical specification on valuation and capital adequacy for life insurers.
The Workshops will focus on the Revised Capital Adequacy Standard for Institutions offering Islamic Financial Services (IIFS) (IFSB-15) which was issued by the IFSB in December 2013.
Global Banking News-December 10, 2012--China sets capital adequacy ratio for banks(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.