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Sufficient; equal to what is required; suitable to the case or occasion.

A law that requires Public Utilities to provide adequate service does not create a right for customers to sue the electric company whenever the meat in their freezers spoils because of a power outage in the absence of Negligence. Service does not have to be perfect in order to meet a standard of adequacy.


adjective able, acceptable, ample, aptus, capable, commensurate, effectual, enough, equal to the need, fair, fit, fully sufficient, idoneus, proportionate, reasonable, reasonably sufficient, satisfactory, satisfying, serving, sufficient, sufficient for the purpose, sufficing, suitable, valid
Associated concepts: adequate administrative review, adeeuate care, adequate cause, adequate consideration, adeeuate notice, adequate remedy at law, adequate support, fair and adequate consideration
See also: ample, capable, commensurate, competent, efficient, fair, fit, functional, habitable, mediocre, operative, prima facie, proficient, qualified, sciential, suitable, unobjectionable
References in classic literature ?
This is an example of the difficulty of constructing an adequate philosophy of any one science without taking account of other sciences.
Global Banking News-October 14, 2015--Kenyan central bank promises adequate liquidity
Nevertheless, Spinoza later suggests that human beings can also be free when he asserts that they have adequate ideas, which, in Kisner's view, problematically requires human freedom.
Operating without adequate core deposits to ensure it can meet its funding obligations as they become due without the mandatory use of borrowed funds to achieve and maintain the necessary liquidity under all circumstances;
Edward Allen Lopez, Maria Theresa Makhosazana Zimu and Delia Margaret Myers, are accused of failing to provide adequate care to patients while they were working at Keresley Wood Care Centre in Tamworth Road.
Hospital Chief Executive Officer Les Wong said the jury verdict indicated that the hospital was providing adequate services by operating it 16 hours a day.
The court's stated reason for striking down the latest funding law was that the other branches had not passed an acceptable definition of an adequate education.
The value of the gross estate shall include the value of all property to the extent of any interest therein of which the decedent has at any time made a transfer (except in the case of a bona fide sale for an adequate and full consideration in money or money's worth), by trust or otherwise, under which he has retained for his life or for any period not ascertainable without reference to his death or for any period which does not in fact end before his death--
200575 provides guidance in determining when disclosure is adequate for purposes of reducing a tax understatement under Secs.
CRLANDO -- Two-thirds of gastric cancer patients still do not receive an adequate lymph node assessment for staging of their disease prior to surgery, Natalie G.
The term annuities is defined in the treaty as "a stated sum paid periodically at stated times during life, or during a specified number of years, under an obligation to make the payments in return for adequate and full consideration (other than services rendered).
It expects the new guidelines will help to combat an alleged lack of adequate life insurance coverage in America.