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Although the current research considered the protocols that are adhered to by individual audiologists and not the general hospital protocols, our findings suggest that adherance to UNHS protocols is increasing compared with those of Theunissen and Swanepoel.
2014) found that high-adherence therapists had significantly more favourable outcomes using a different measure of fidelity, the TAM (Therapist Adherance Measure), it is possible that the measure used in the present study failed to accurately discriminate low and high adherence.
2009), although the complexity of arsenic species interconversion and the number of uncharacterized species casts uncertainty in adherance to this generalization (ATSDR 2007).
DayaMed designed the medPOD to provide Real-Time Medication Adherance (RMA) for population health programs.
Salah Abdul Rahman al- Talib, Economic Expert at CMA said in a statement to Oman News Agency (ONA) that being the best GCC stock market in terms of quick disclosure of financial statements for the listed companies which came as an outcome of the companies adherance to the decision taken by CMA for making the required disclosure within 15 days from end of the quarter or the end of the year.
The faster this phenomenon occurs the more rapid will be the polymer films adherance to its substrate.
Chief Justice McLachlin's equally clear preference for specialized HRTs led her to adopt "discrimination" (clearly a formal category) as an acceptable characterization of the essential nature of a dispute despite her adherance of the Weber principle that form cannot determine "essential character".
Implementation fidelity components: Definitions and assessment Program * Definition: detailing the specific features Differentiation of the Program that theoretically enable students to meet the objectives * Assessment: not "assessed": involves describing the specific feature of each program component Adherance * Definition: whether or not the specific features of the general program components were implemented as planned * Assessment: recording whether or not (i.
The survey elicited information from respondents on knowledge of rabies, the Flagstaff rabies outbreak, practices regarding domestic and wild animals, and adherance to quarantine restrictions.
Most sympathized with the white carers, appealing to continued official and public adherance to the paradigm of Aboriginal child removal.
McNally has remained faithful to President Kennedy's memory, as evidenced by 50 years of adherance to JFK's life principles; and to his religious convictions, as evidenced by Rev.