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Salah Abdul Rahman al- Talib, Economic Expert at CMA said in a statement to Oman News Agency (ONA) that being the best GCC stock market in terms of quick disclosure of financial statements for the listed companies which came as an outcome of the companies adherance to the decision taken by CMA for making the required disclosure within 15 days from end of the quarter or the end of the year.
The survey elicited information from respondents on knowledge of rabies, the Flagstaff rabies outbreak, practices regarding domestic and wild animals, and adherance to quarantine restrictions.
Most sympathized with the white carers, appealing to continued official and public adherance to the paradigm of Aboriginal child removal.
McNally has remained faithful to President Kennedy's memory, as evidenced by 50 years of adherance to JFK's life principles; and to his religious convictions, as evidenced by Rev.
The students adherance to external standards, as reflected in their later comments, began to appear multiple times in conversations.
By pledging their adherance to the highest green building standards and stringent application of the rules at an early stage, Abu Dhabi and Dubai
Therefore, UAA states ensure quality and adherance to professional standards by relying on peer review, a process which an independent expert in the field evaluates the experience of the CPA performing the audit, along with the safeguards in place within the firm.
Rather, the muted impact of the new precedent derives in significant part from (1) differing views on how to read Wiggins's and Rompilla's acceptance of Burger and Darden and simultaneous adherance to contemporary standards of performance as set forth in the Death Penalty Guidelines; and (2) differing perceptions of the value of explanatory mitigation.
Platelets play pivotal roles in the hemostatic process including detection of vascular lesions, adherance at sites of injury, recruitment of additional platelets and consolidation into a hemostatic plug [31].
All of Oskaloosa's processes are designed around HACCP and Total Quality Concepts with strict adherance to clearly defined procedures.
Foreign Minister Ednan Karabaev reiterated Kyrgyzstan's adherance to further strengthening and expansion of cooperation with Pakistan in top priority areas.