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Water-based rubber lubricants are said to provide a durable dry colorless film coating that will adhere tenaciously to a surface.
for the purposes of the framework agreement shall be construed as adhering local authorities to the central procurement femp city councils, county councils, town councils, island councils and other local bodies and autonomous bodies and public bodies belonging to them all national, attached or adhere to the plant during the period of the framework agreement territory.
Organic films known as polyelectrolyte multilayers, on the other hand, tightly adhere to charged surfaces.
To keep the car running smoothly, the oil and tires should be checked frequently and the driver should adhere to the manufacture's maintenance schedule.
coats the nonwoven in-line with web formation, using static charge to adhere very low coating weights evenly.
Some materials, when perfectly clean, can bind to either oil or water but become committed to whichever one they adhere to first.