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These assessments ensure that each organization adheres to the FiXs Operating Rules, FiXs Security Guidelines, and security best practices.
Tour operators must meet rigorous criteria and adhere to a code of ethics, high standards of safety and accountability to become members of SYTA," said Michael Palmer, SYTA Executive Director.
The provision of expert advice is integral to the adhere programme, ensuring that customers benefit from the optimal material and process choice for the manufacture, assembly or repair of their products - safeguarding and enhancing performance and integrity and in turn, profitability and reputation.
Summary: Morocco fully adheres to the Washington Nuclear Safety Summit, as it has always respected non-proliferation international mechanisms, Minister of Energy, Mining, Water and the Environment Mme Amina Benkhadra said Tuesday
Raising Mazda's painting process to a new world standard, e-coating efficiently adheres paint to metal surfaces and raises the rust protection quality of Mazda vehicles.
The lawsuit cites the repeated failure of both agencies to adhere to basic historic preservation law, standards and principles mandated by the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).
Today, some 38 nations adhere to both instruments, but the Guidelines remain nonbinding.
It makes its ``subversive,'' proto-feminist teacher into some kind of fashion-plate Joan of Arc but also wants you to know that it's OK not to adhere to expectations, as long you get a trust fund in the bargain.
Perhaps textbook authors and publishers should adhere to the neutrality principle as well.
Parker clarified that dealers and mill buyers "have the right to question each other," but urged attendees to adhere to rules of courtesy and good behavior, including being humble, respecting the dignity of the individual and adhering to the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them to unto you.
The 50 Black FlockTape will adhere to EPDM rubber, TPVs, TPEs and polypropylene.