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Adherent cultures were grown on tissue culture dishes (Falcon, San Jose, CA), while suspension cultures were grown on dishes coated with 10 mg/ml of Poly-Hema (Sigma, St.
The Factor (a financial establishment: Commercial Bank, insurance or reinsurance company, the cooperative credit, which in return for the commissions pays the Adherent all the accepted claims and by taking over the rights of the Adherent, cashes at the maturity the claims from the Adherent's debtors);
Therefore, potential adherent k's utility from belonging to FBO i is:
Removal of a tick that is adherent to the tympanic membrane can be difficult in an outpatient setting.
Our knowledge conveniently comes both from its orthodox critics (notably the 4th-century Bishop of Salamis, Epiphanius) and its most famous adherent, Tertullian.
3) In order to conduct an analysis of religious communities in state-level politics, this research focuses on the density of local houses of worship, and their attendant adherent communities, as two primary causal forces responsible for the position state representatives take on abortion.
Adherent Laboratories is an independent contract materials research and development firm focused on adhesives and coatings.
Member or adherent, I'm offended by the heedless remark reported in the Record regarding privileges ("Membership still has its privileges", July/August 2004).
By means of physical model systems we ascertained that by virtue of the cohesion of water the entire system of wall adherent bubbles acts as a force-transmitting medium that creates the xylem tension.
The appeals court held that the belief system of the inmate, who was a self-proclaimed adherent of the "Hebrew religion" and derived his beliefs from his own fundamentalist interpretation of the Old Testament, was a religion within the meaning of the First Amendment.
This rubber had been burned off in an oven, leaving the parts covered with a black soot and adherent rubber particulates.
While Martha Mayer Erlebacher has certainly studied the history of art, and has looked hard at the rich tradition of allegorical painting, she is neither a neo-Classicist nor a rigid adherent of any theory of contemporary narrative painting.