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Keywords: Intranasal splints, Nasal packing, Nasal adhesion, Septal surgery.
After separating the adhesion, the old mesh was also found to be intact and the site of the incisional hernia was the same as the original incision.
Some of the key companies operating in the global adhesion barrier market include Medtronic plc, Baxter International Inc.
Mitomycin-C has been used for strabismus surgery for the prevention of postoperative adhesion and recurrence of pterygium (9).
Based on my reading of ASTM D7027 and experience with past wet adhesion tests, I would think that the critical load for disbonding would be sufficient for at least ranking coatings and comparing pairs of panels for wet adhesion and might possibly, produce data that are more useful than that (better than crosshatch and tape).
2mm, 20mm or 50mm diameter dollies which, together with a wide range of accessories, allows coating adhesion testing on flat, curved, thick and thin substrates--including metal, wood, concrete and other fibrous materials.
The time-honored microsurgical principles of hemostasis, gentle tissue handling, and tissue approximation without strangulation, along with the use of a good adhesion barrier; are more important than the route of surgery--in my unscientific and biased opinion.
Most animals developed adhesions between the omentum and abdominal wall and adhesion grades were no statistical significant difference between the treatment groups.
While some studies have examined mold adhesion phenomenon in IC packaging industry (1), (2), few have considered mold adhesion in the injection molding process.
Patients with adhesions can present with small bowel obstruction or with complaints of infertility, chronic pain, or dyspareunia.
At XIM we asked ourselves, "What does a scrub test for interior flat paints have to do with adhesion to tough-to-paint surfaces or even exterior durability?