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The adhesively bonded crowns (groups 3, 4, 5) exhibited a significantly better marginal quality to dentine/cementum compared with GIC luted crowns (groups 1, 2 / Table 2)(p<0.
The fin stock is adhesively bonded to the microchannel tubing.
The elastic laminate structures of the present invention comprise at least one layer of an elastic web adhesively bonded to one or more other webs, such as, for instance a woven or nonwoven web.
Morfeo uses "multi-level" approaches to analyze welded or adhesively bonded structures for failure prediction.
1987), Fatigue Strength of Adhesively Bonded Cover Plates, Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE, Vol.
Evidently fraught with fear of copping the blame if a player slips over and gets hurt, the umps now have carte blanche to cling to the pavilion more adhesively than ever.
Individual paper topics include viscoelastic analysis of adhesively bonded double-lap joint, the mechanical properties of 91% tungsten alloy, and prevention of dicing-induced damage in semiconductor wafers.
Victrex PEEK polymer and compounds may be adhesively bonded using common adhesives including epoxy, cyanoacrylate, anaerobic and silicone adhesives.
They bond adhesively to enamel and dentin, release fluoride ions over a prolonged period of time, are biocompatible and have approximately the same coefficient of thermal expansion as that of tooth structure.
Some of these devices are surgically implantable (intranasally); others are adhesively mounted (externally).
Well, another advantage of the panelling is that it can be adhesively fixed directly onto a wall without the prior need to plaster, thus saving time and money.