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Table 3--Hardness (Hard), adhesiveness (Adhe N/s), springiness (Sprin), cohesiveness (Cohe), gumminess (Gummi N) and chewiness (Chew) in peach jelly.
Time (days) Pressed fiber Hardness Adhesiveness Elasticity Cohesiveness (g) (gs) 5 8469.
Consequently, the ester linkages brought adhesiveness, resulting in good physical properties.
Caption: Electrostatic forces play a role in gecko adhesiveness, a new study finds, despite 80 years of belief to the contrary.
For example, coaches with a paternalistic leadership style appear to create better team adhesiveness, and different leadership styles affect aspects of the team differently.
The Solbin series is a modified copolymer resin combining the toughness of vinyl chloride with the strong adhesiveness and plasticity of vinyl acetate.
The other functions of starch derivatives include flocculation, film-forming properties, adhesiveness, improvement of pH stability, acidic stability, increase of shear stability, process tolerance, and many more.
Bordia and Verma (1985) have investigated the effect of oral administration of vitamin C on platelet adhesive index and platelet aggregate ratio in healthy and coronary artery disease patients and found a significant decrease in platelet adhesiveness and platelet aggregation.
Adhesiveness was determined by adherence to the NGT and nose.
Specific papers consider such matters as improving the adhesiveness between granite and asphalt by nano-sealed calcium carbonite, the piezo-resistive property of carbon fiber reinforced plastics, fabricating nanostructured hierarchical coatings composed of calcium phosphate/titanate on a titanium substrate, a formaldehyde gas sensor based on a pentacene organic thin-film transistor, and the finite element simulation and experimental study of isothermal forging technology for a complex-shaped titanium alloy wing.
Top Film(r) (Helb Pesticides (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan) as a surfactant was used at 5 ppm for increased adhesiveness to leaf surface in preparation of insecticide solutions and also in control.