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of the Company, said: "It is encouraging that these initial adit sampling results at Namoya compare well with the previous historical data.
4 million, consisting largely of permitting, engineering and site preparation expenses for the Libby Adit rehabilitation and delineation drilling program.
Access with no limits, Adit, and the Carrier Access logo are trademarks of Carrier Access Corporation.
The Adit family provides significant advantages for any network architecture -- TDM, Frame Relay, ATM or IP, enabling the core network technologies to evolve without requiring new access devices.
Mentor Graphics has now successfully integrated the ADiT technology with the ADMS tool, a single-kernel, language-neutral functional verification environment for digital, analog, and mixed-signal circuits.
This demonstration will showcase the Adit 600's capabilities as a media gateway for the next generation of softswitched networks," notes Mark Golaszewski, director of Broadband Services for Carrier Access.
The previously announced acquisition on May 31, 2006, of the Hard Rock Operating Permit and water discharge permit for the Libby adit will enable the Company to commence an underground evaluation program as part of its ongoing engineering and feasibility activities.
received approval to re-open the Last Chance northern adit in August 2014, which allows for the retrieval of up to 2,500 short tons of metallurgical sample material from the adit and/or a historic surface stockpile.
The contract involves the design and construction of the station~s main ventilation fans for the complex underground workings main key hereditary adit, hereinafter referred to as gksd.
Our immediate focus is to develop this exploration adit so we can more cost effectively increase our high grade resource base.
The original May Mac showing, discovered and staked in 1894, was developed by several shafts and three adit tunnels (Adits #'s 1, 2 & 3) on what is presently termed the Lower Skomac Vein.
Travel Business Review-June 2, 2011--Association for Real Estate and Tourism Development Announces Results of ADIT Invest 2011(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.