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With contracts negotiated by Adit North East spanning the region and beyond, our expertise and knowledge are recognised to be bringing real savings to the public sector.
Bright blue films of linarite (to 4 x 6 cm) have been observed with malachite on the dumps by the upper adit; 1-2 mm crystals on milky quartz crystals have been collected from one of the surface trenches above the upper adit.
Mr Justice Garland said when the 1985 report was written the position of the two adits had been misjudged and the authority did not consider they were "in the vicinity" of Mrs Leppington's home or that they posed any physical threat.
Telewest Business and Adit North-East were co-sponsors of The Northern Telco Conference, which took place yesterday as part of IT Works 2004.
Particularly fine specimens associated with spangolite were recovered during the May-June 1996 dig just south of the adit portal.
Continue the focus on the development of the TD-1 decline adit and drifts, which are estimated to be completed in February 2006.
The quartz-calcite veins, varying in widths from 2 to over 15 feet, as seen in the Coyote adit, carry fine-grained free gold, sub-microscopic gold that cannot be panned and unknown silver minerals.
Beginning in September this year, the Company drilled a hole ZK0301 and continued drifting an existing adit PD4 in order to initially test the depth, continuity and quality of the copper-gold zone.
The Baiyunpu Gold Deposit was discovered by Brigade #418 of the Hunan Bureau of the Geological Survey of China, who completed approximately 5,000 metres of diamond drilling, along with a number of adits and trenches.
This mineral occurrence, further investigated during the present exploration, comprises at least 11 workings, including trenches, 3 shafts, a collapsed adit and a winze.
2 grams per tonne ("g/t") gold over 300 metres in one hole, with similar grades over 93 metres in an adjacent adit.
Channel samples of up to 5,000 g/t have been obtained in the adit.