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The Belizeans claim that he was 1,600 meters away from the adjacency zone.
The OAS/AZ Office also works to promote increased communication, coordination, and rapprochement between local and central government officials of Belize and Guatemala and between communities inside the Adjacency Zone.
th] block is the g/h x g/h adjacency matrix of the [i.
If [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the adjacency matrix of a weighted [K.
Thus it is a competitive situation and by taking 'competition for consuming the common species by the predators' as the adjacency relation we can draw the competition graph or common enemy graph or consumer graph (cohen) for the predators.
This paper is organised as follows: First we repeat some facts about homogeneous lattices and summarise results on adjacency systems and Euler number estimation from Nagel et al.
However, we find no evidence of willingness to trade off one's own lot size for adjacency to the open space.
However, one must determine the proper balance between choosing adjacency and core strategies.
We denote the adjacency matrix of an undirected graph by A = [[a.
This adjacency has proved very popular, offering real competition to established rival Heinz Beanz, the cost-cutting on which arguably enabled Branston to enter the market in the first place.
Sometimes, a ship's network couldn't establish an adjacency to the network at all.
3) The present work opts for the functional notation, using mathematical expressions and, in some instances, including matrices in the cases of concepts such as neighborhood and adjacency.