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Lying near or close to; neighboring.

Adjacent means that objects or parcels of land are not widely separated, though perhaps they are not actually touching; but adjoining implies that they are united so closely that no other object comes between them.


adjective abutting, adjoining, alongside, bordering, conterminous, contiguous, contiguus, convergent, finitimus, juxtaposed, meeting, next to, proximal, touching, verging on, vicinal, vicinus
Associated concepts: adjacent county, adjacent land, adjaaent owners, adjacent property
See also: close, contiguous, immediate, local, near, present, proximate
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Suppose, by the way of contradiction, that there exist two adjacent vertices u and a belonging to N.
Owing to dilapidated condition - the people prefer to walk on the adjacent grass of the track.
It has also been collected from adjacent Erath County (Turner et al.
Repeating this process over and over again, we see that is adjacent to any [Phi] in J.
Forty-one percent of those undergoing anterior fusion developed adjacent level radiographic degeneration.
Tissue specimens were harvested from three sites in each patient--from the primary tumor, from the clinically involved regional metastatic lymph node, and from normal tissue adjacent to the primary tumor.
During a single disk failure, data is at risk of loss because there is no redundancy between the failed drive and either adjacent drive.
However, the new findings show that an electron contributing to that charge separation spends roughly 10 percent of its time mingling with an electron covalently binding the hydrogen and oxygen atoms within the adjacent molecule.
Farming-dependent counties, persistent poverty counties, retirement-destination counties, and counties that are adjacent to large metro areas performed very differently during the 1980s.
A study of the Fence River that related several measures of water quality (suspended solids, turbidity, total organic carbon, and total phosphorous) to seasonal water status (before, during, and after snowmelt) and to timber cutting in stands that were adjacent to the stream and buffered by uncut sections of varying widths.
Adjacent channel recombination occurs in a frequency-division-multiplexed (FDM) communications system when the isolation between adjacent transmission channels is less than perfect, as shown in Figure 1.