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Lying near or close to; neighboring.

Adjacent means that objects or parcels of land are not widely separated, though perhaps they are not actually touching; but adjoining implies that they are united so closely that no other object comes between them.


adjective abutting, adjoining, alongside, bordering, conterminous, contiguous, contiguus, convergent, finitimus, juxtaposed, meeting, next to, proximal, touching, verging on, vicinal, vicinus
Associated concepts: adjacent county, adjacent land, adjaaent owners, adjacent property
See also: close, contiguous, immediate, local, near, present, proximate
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In subordinatives formed based on similitude, the first word causes a change in meaning of the second word, so they should be written adjacently (18).
These studies showed that in multiple-birth species it was possible for adjacently positioned male and female fetuses to transmit tiny amounts of hormones to each other, with pronounced phenotypic consequences.
scheduled classes adjacently, stacked as many possible into short spans of time--often leaving only a few minutes to get across campus for the next class.
This is the first time both the supplier/manufacturing and the finished-product professionals in the furniture industry will meet concurrently and adjacently in co-rotated international events.
And then the selected prints - all in best possible condition - are displayed adjacently.
Casper Jones adjacently describes his plans for a pavilion for Liverpool,possibly set in the Chevasse Park area.
Except when preceded by the letter q, the letter e will usually precede the letter u when the two vowels appear adjacently, as in sleuth, rheumatic, Teutonic, and feudal, the latter of which sounds kind of like Huebl.
o[sigma][tau][iota][zeta] 'whoever', the interrogative/indefinite/relative pronouns of the early Indo-European languages may be doubled or, as in Greek, adjacently placed and univerbated, in order to create an indefinite relative pronoun.
One section of the first and second absorbent pad material is adjacently disposed relative to each other.
In the hybridization probe format the two independent, nonextendible, single-labeled oligonucleotide probes hybridize adjacently on the amplicon internal to the flanking PCR primers.
Drawn adjacently in stalls nine and ten, they may force each other to overdo it.
Schematics in this chapter and throughout the volume are easily grasped at a glance and correlate well with adjacently placed photographs.