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The first two blocks had six trials, and the samples were the defined spoken words /bola/ (ball), /moto/ (motorcycle), and /aviao/ (airplane) for the Noun condition, and /brava/ (angry), /feliz/ (happy), and /triste/ (sad) for the Adjective condition.
Surprisingly, the top three adjectives as rated by fans within the current study were provided by non-fans during the adjective solicitation phase of the study.
in Human orthography), it would bring the adjective timer=nni into
He exemplifies the case with the two types of de-adjectival relativizing complex adjectives in Dutch: one ending in '-ig' and the other in '-erig': groen-ig vs.
Table 5 shows the total number of cases for each adjective and the corresponding representative samples.
Adjective compounds are peripheral in Italian word-formation, and only briefly mentioned in reference works and handbooks.
inherent distinction of certain copula + adjective combinations in comprehension.
The risotto was really tasty, [correct; the adverb really modifies the adjective tasty]
and which is considered of special interest for its relevance in the association between morphological class and syntactic function or, in general, in the description of the word-classes adjective and adverb.
The results indicated a modest level of consensus across seven cultures regarding the psychological importance of adjectives (Williams, et al.
An instance of a primitive adjective would be biter 'bitter, sharp, cutting; stinging; exasperated, angry, embittered; painful, disastrous, virulent, cruel', with its derivatives (ge)biterian 'to be or become bitter; make bitter', biternes 'bitterness, grief', biterlic 'sad, bitter', bitertlce 'bitterly', bitre 'bitterly, sharply, painfully, severely; very', bitrum 'bitterly', oferbiternes 'excessive bitterness'.
It also looks at morphologically complex adjectives across different linguistic subdisciplines, among them morphology itself, syntax, semantics, and occasionally pragmatics.