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The eastern [boundary] adjoins the houses of the people of the above-mentioned [Shinah] village.
Its eastern [boundary] adjoins the arable lands of the above-mentioned [Shinah] village and the western [boundary] adjoins the Kamari irrigation canal, where there is an entrance.
Its eastern [boundary] partly adjoins the Tang-i Qarun mountain and partly the Tang-i Qarun water [ab].
62) Its eastern [boundary] adjoins the skirt of Khwajah Zanbur mountain,(63) and its western [boundary] partly adjoins the lands of Upper Tarnab and partly the edge of the Kabul canal.
64) Its eastern [boundary] adjoins the Kuh-i Sabz plain and its western [boundary] partly adjoins a ravine located on the Minar plain and partly the royal lands, which are part of the fief - Yasaqian - of Khwajah Rivas.
Its eastern [boundary] partly adjoins the Minar canal lands, which are well-known and famous, and partly the Tirul-i Yasakian [military fief] lands.
Its eastern [boundary] adjoins the garden which Khwajah Yahya Kabuli constructed in the lands of the above-mentioned village.
Regarding] their boundaries: the eastern [boundary] partly adjoins the mid-channel point of the above-mentioned canal and partly its [the canal's] edge, likewise the western [boundary].
Its eastern [boundary] adjoins the above mentioned Faqirabad village.
The western [boundary] partly adjoins the garden of Khwajah Latif, son of Khwajah Nimat of Farzah, and it partly adjoins the garden of Karim, son of Kamal, son of Maulana Muhammad of Farzah and its southern [boundary] adjoins the garden of Buba, son of Mughul Shah of Farzah.
Its western [boundary] adjoins the royal lands on which land the grape vines of Sultan Ahmad, son of Baba Ali, son of Mir Khan are located.
Its western [boundary] adjoins the royal lands, on which land the immovable property/plantings of trees of Dust, son of Pir Birdi Samarqandi are [located].