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Consular adjudicators are a hybrid of Foreign Service specialists and generalists.
The adjudicator has launched one formal investigation, against Tesco, with the outcome expected within the next few months, and has arbitrated in two cases.
Roger Williams, Welsh Lib Dem MP for Brecon and Radnorshire, agreed that the Adjudicator must have powers to review the whole food chain.
She added: "Whilst I appreciate that the role of the Adjudicator is not to determine a fair price, I believe that her ability to prevent unfair practices will be strengthened by this legislation.
Business Secretary Vince Cable said: "This important final step will give the Groceries Code Adjudicator the power it needs to address the most serious disputes between the large supermarkets and their direct suppliers.
The adjudicator has ruled that any restrictions on Mr Lorgat's ability to perform his role as CEO of CSA should be immediately removed.
If the adjudicator had ruled that the signs were non-compliant we would have refunded people.
Furthermore, the FIDIC board has 84 days to issue its decision - NEC's adjudicator has four weeks.
The solution to a decade of abuse is a code, adjudicator and an option for licensees to pay a market rent only giving them freedom to buy beer at open market prices.
I'll be raising my glass to the new adjudicator in my local very soon.
In the week that a Commons Select Committee called for the Adjudicator to be given the power to fine supermarkets, Cranswick's profits warning was poignant.
Global Banking News-25 March 2010-UK to provide credit adjudicator service for small firms(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.