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Adjudicators yesterday ruled that selection at Mill Hill County High School in north London, in a variety of tests of academic ability and aptitude in music, dance and technology, should be reduced from 45 per cent of the intake to ten per cent.
Sadly, I have come to notice that the majority of adjudicators present at these competitions have never completed exams in acro, so they do not see the differences between acrobatics and gymnastics.
The adjudicators were tenor Gwyn Hughes Jones,pianist I wan Llewelyn Jones,actor Daniel Evans,Delyth Medi and Cliff Jones.
At last, the Act has begun to bite and, thanks to bold adjudicators and judges, the patterns of conflict and dispute resolution in this industry are changing fast, at least for those disputes in the up-to-pounds 1 million category.
This time the adjudicators were so close in taste that there was a remarkable, and in a way alarming, homogeneity within the programs.
The adjudicator imposed the cuts after governors of Honeywell infants and junior schools, whose South-west London pupils are candidates for places, objected to the admissions policy proposed for the three secondary schools for the next school year, starting in September.
Since 1981, at the first and subsequent biannual national festivals, Dance Magazine has presented cash awards to an outstanding performer and an outstanding choreographer selected by ACDFA adjudicators.
I am confident too that in their dealings with parents, schools, academy trusts, religious bodies, local authorities and others, adjudicators and OSA staff appreciate how important the matters raised are to those concerned and that they deal sensitively and fairly with all.
He said: "I enjoy writing poetry and wanted to enter this Eisteddfod partly because of the adjudicators, Derec Llwyd Morgan and Ifor ap Glyn, two noted poets themselves.
Consular adjudicators are a hybrid of Foreign Service specialists and generalists.
ADJUDICATORS are like an ombudsman, but their purpose is to make an initial decision to keep a case from going to court.
For example, under NEC the London Olympic Delivery Authority appointed 11 different adjudicators.