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I think CA-LNAs should be allowed to stay as long as there is a need for adjudicators with excellent language skills," she observed.
NEC does not envisage this role for the adjudicator.
This meant the SRA was looking to recruit a more diverse crop of adjudicators - members of the public who adjudicate on cases brought before them on a part-time basis.
Conferences can exceed 400 participants, and the absence of student input in the sessions allows adjudicators time to comment on more pieces.
And then when they come before an adjudicator, they have to state their issue of abuses to the adjudicator and of course from the adjudicator and on it takes so long before any compensation is made .
This report presents data on factors such as the rates at which adjudicators consider the adequacy of women's shelters and the responsiveness of local police to complaints.
was told there was a problem and he needed to call the adjudicator, who is responsible for determining whether the state will pay or deny an unemployment claim.
These factors include the lack of national precedents and limited experience on the part of adjudicators.
The adjudicators, to whom the teachers respond in their desire to win, do not penalise the ultra-hard Welsh vowels or even harder vowels if a forte is asked for.
Uniquely, consular adjudicators must be FSI language-qualified before they can receive a job offer.
The Traffic Penalty Tribunal told the Daily Post that adjudicators can make different rulings on the same site, depending on how each adjudicator interprets the relevant regulations.
The main adjudicator will be Eric Tebbett who is a Trinity College, London, examiner and has adjudicated for the prestigious National Festival of Music for Youth.