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A swearing; taking an oath to be truthful.

To adjure is to command solemnly, warning that penalties may be invoked.


noun affirmation, attestation, averment, avouchment, avowal, avowance, declaration, legal pledge, oath, pledge, solemn avowal, swearing, sworn statement, testimony, vouching, vow
See also: affirmance, appeal, asseveration, assurance, attestation, averment, avouchment, call, charge, claim, entreaty, oath, petition, requirement

ADJURATION. The act by which one person solemnly charges another to tell or swear to the truth. Wolff. Inst. Sec. 374.

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Reordering such adjurations may lead to significant differences in any particular decision in the setting of a moral dilemma, and that fact must be considered when we look back into our heritage for answers to our current problems.
The implication of this model is that the canon formula, in form-critical terms, represents part of the adjuration to loyalty found in the literary model of the ade.
I shall not argue that Lear was on Emerson's mind in composing "Fate," but just mention, apart from the pertinence of tragedy to Emerson's subject, that I seem to detect an ambivalent glance at Lear in the adjuration "Let him empty his windy conceits, and show his lordship by manners and deeds on the scale of nature" (ibid.
No amount of adjuration, detention or suspension of privileges could restrain this fatherless boy from his hurtful mischief.
Specifically, he considers messages conveyed via blood, the wearing of a supernatural name, and adjuration (all human communication with supernatural entities), and divination procedures (deity to human).
2189), repudiates very directly Cyprian's adjuration that innocent eyes should "look towards God and heaven, and not lower to the lust of the flesh and of the world, the eyes uplifted to things above" (par.
He seems to see them, endless, without order, empty, symbolic, bleak, sky-pointed not with ecstacy or passion but in adjuration, threat, and doom.
Today, in a political climate that still anxiously and assiduously metaphorizes human beings as essentialized products of their "gender" and "sexuality," and that continues to designate subjectivity and authority within binarisms like hetero-/homo-sexual, masculine/feminine, culture/nature, subject/object, self/other, Sedgwick's adjuration takes on particular urgency.
The concluding adjuration is full: "By the virtue of the Supreme One who appears on Mount Sinai.
Deans's longtime patriarchal instruction to tell truth takes precedence over the momentary adjuration to lie that she mistakenly hears.
Demands were often made in the form of adjurations or appeals, aiming to convince the ruler to launch an initiative, and not challenge him, smear his image, or question his regime.
Its adjurations and ritual formulas are to be used to persuade angels and to describe ritual goals to angelic addressees.