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Options include weigh-scale hopper or cycle count control systems, adjustable side rails, discharge chutes, hoppers, photo eyes and variable-speed drive.
in Powell, a Columbus suburb, opened four years ago and today Clark stocks a variety of sleep-oriented products, including adjustable beds from Restonic and New Dawn, a locally made viscoelastic mattress.
No wonder so many cops carried adjustable sight guns back then.
In terms of loan preferences, The Manhattan Mortgage Company survey reported that 38 percent of co-op/condominium borrowers chose five-year adjustable rate mortgages in April, while 30-year fixed rate mortgages accounted for 23 percent of the marketplace.
According to its December report, which is based on data from over 30 major lending institutions, all serving the New York residential marketplace, the two most popular fixed-rate mortgage products rose during the month, as did all five of the leading adjustable rate mortgages.
Options include five belt types, a variety of adjustable mobile support sets, single and variable-speed drives, side guards to contain tiny parts, and various cleat heights, which can be placed on the belt at required locations.