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Sara Crowe as bride-to-be Sybil Merton and Susan Penhaligon (Lady Windermere) try admirably to make their mark.
Sultry, husky tones depicted gypsy Carmen, added to which spectacular pyrotechnics in the finale presented an exhilarating challenge which the orchestra handled admirably.
These are exemplified by several lengthy expositions of work Flyvbjerg considers admirably phronetic, but which exemplars are perhaps better read in extenso.
admirably surveys what can be said about Qumran and the scrolls fifty years after that excavation and is confident that her interpretation will hold, except for minor details, when and if de Vaux's excavation is published in a complete and scholarly fashion.
Caniparoli, as usual (this is his fifth work for the company), presented challenging movement problems, which the PNB dancers solved admirably.
The volume admirably meets its goal as stated by McKay in the introduction: "to present teachers and scholars with a small group of essays that not only are worthy of inclusion but also that addres s some of the issues that readers often raise about the book.
Although a confessed Disneyphile and the beneficiary of unprecedented cooperation from both the Disney Archive and the Disney family, Watts has produced an admirably even-handed work that should hold considerable interest even for those cynical souls who find themselves congenitally out of sympathy with the Disney aesthetic.
Affirmative action bureaucrats may classify by race, college and corporation bureaucrats may classify by race, and college and corporate vice presidents may join affirmative action bureaucrats in congratulating themselves on achieving the right numbers - Lind admirably describes these scams.
In this task, I believe the book succeeds admirably.
For all the emphasis the PMA admirably puts on leveraging eGov to strengthen government's citizen service, the OMB scorecard exhibits a serious deficiency in actually taking that initiative," says Jenny V.
Bosworth came in and played admirably,'' Dorrell said.
15) and this admirably consistent seven-year-old can give Francois Doumen a second success in this famous event.