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What Dante described as awe, that bewilderment of the mind at seeing and hearing great things, Aquinas had earlier described as admiratio, that sense of wonder at the recognition of the ordering of things to their ultimate end, which is God.
Osian | " And that admiratio works both ways after Pryce impressed Evans with his speed on last November's Wales Rally GB - where Pryce made his debut in WRC 2 with a one-off outing in a Ford Fiesta R5.
What goes today by the name "good curiosity" once assumed other identities--the desiderium ad sciendum, or even admiratio.
a contemplatione tamen abducunt, quoniam otiosorum et in magno loci silentio talis admiratio est.
I have a lot of admiratio ad respect for what she has doe.
58:6-8), underscores how European admiratio of Nature lays claim to it and reveals how seemingly innocent wonder at marvelous bounty leads to the slaughter of autochthonous creatures for consumption on the courtly table.
His gloss on the "text" being staged for the audience is to indicate an impending experience by the audience of admiratio at Don Juan's audacity.
Johnson whose "interest in the tragic hero has emphasized the audience's empathetic admiratio for the figure rather than a .
lt;pre> Ita me laetum admiratio Tireni et laetitia occupat Ut nec mirari me nec laetari sentiam.
The Lladro pink collection consists of four special edition items: Admiratio, a delicate porcelain sculpture from the innovative Humanitas Collection; Flowers of Peace, a scented candle; a pink version of Waterdrop, a pendant from the Talismania Accessories Collection; and Treasures of the Earth, a classic sculpture featuring all pink flowers.
4 Lladro's Admiratio and Treasures of the Earth / 5 Lumisource's Hope for Light / 6 Roomba's Pink Ribbon Edition / 7 Sleep for the cure with Serta
Collins' third chapter treats admiratio (wonder), the relation of art and nature, the structure of Gongorine conceits, and emblems, all themes already well explored by Woods or McCaw.