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She made use of me to tease other admirers, and she turned the very familiarity between herself and me, to the account of putting a constant slight on my devotion to her.
His apparent partiality had subsided, his attentions were over, he was the admirer of some one else.
Pray, gentlemen, do my poor admirer no harm," said Lady Eleanore with a faint and weary smile.
As Grandfather was a great admirer of the apostle Eliot, he was glad to comply with the earnest request which Laurence had made at the close of the last chapter.
It was natural, and a thing to he expected, that Charlotte should marry; and among the whole of their acquaintance there appeared no one so unobjectionable as her new admirer.
She was piqued at Betts Shoreham's indifference, had known her present admirer several months, if dancing in the same set can be called KNOWING, and had never been made love to before, at least in a manner so direct and unequivocal.
Adam, you perceive, was a warm admirer, perhaps a partial judge, of Mr.
The condition of my right hand obliges me to dictate this to my son; but painful as it is to me to hold a pen, I cannot suffer this letter to reach the hands of a man of so admirable genitis as Herman Melville without begging him to believe me to be, with my own hand, his most respectful and hearty admirer, W.
At no time was the old soldier an admirer of the peaceful disciples of Fox.
After another pause, he went on--"Pray, Miss Price, are you such a great admirer of this Mr.
As the little copyist proceeded with her work, she sent every now and then a responsive glance toward her admirer.
Almost every devout admirer of the old bards, if demanded his opinion of their productions, would mention vaguely, yet with perfect sincerity, a sense of dreamy, wild, indefinite, and he would perhaps say, indefinable delight; on being required to point out the source of this so shadowy pleasure, he would be apt to speak of the quaint in phraseology and in general handling.