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Standing between two of her own new paintings (her first since 1984), Fraser admonishes the guests in halting German, babbles incoherently, and tells bad jokes-restaging in its entirety a half-hour speech given in 1995 by a drunk Martin Kippenberger on the occasion of a friend's exhibition.
DUBLIN--Women and men who cringe at the annual New Testament reading from Colossians that admonishes wives to "be submissive to your husbands" now have allies in bishops from Ireland and the United States.
MacKinnon also admonishes the Foundation on Economic Trends for not presenting its arguments to NIH at the time the agency invited public comment on the deliberate-release experiments.
They do have to be weeded, fed and watered," admonishes Newcomer, "but if you forget to water them, they're more forgiving than other plants.
In each chapter he describes a trait of the ant and admonishes us to imitate that trait in our relationships with one another and most importantly in our relationship with God.
When her husband's attorney admonishes her for overdrawing Jean's frozen assets, she tells him not to worry, she'll speak to Jean and he'll make it all right.